Motion sensing philanthropic APP
Major design revision
Aug 2013 - Sep 2013
Tencent Technology Co. LTD. Beijing
Mobile video Editing and Sharing APP
6 Weeks
My Role:
Visual Team Leader and Manager;
Chief Designer
Team size:
8 visual designers


Advocated by the director, the design center where I was at held a competition for the best design of mobile APPs. All the designers were divided into groups and every group was asked to choose a topic. My group members and I decided to design a charity application which could help to solve the lack of clean water inarid areas. By using motion sensing technology, the application can record people’s movements. After users provided these records, a certain amount of clean water would be donated to people in arid areas by the sponsors of the activity.

Program Flow


As we were asked to design an application of charity for the competition, during the process of collecting background information of the existing social and environmental problems of China, we made up our mind to design a product which could be helpful for the shortage of drinking water in some undeveloped or polluted areas. After several rounds of discussion and brainstorm, we decided to combine philanthropy and physical exercise into one product. The core concept was making philanthropy easier and more interesting. In order to reach this goal, we adopted motion sensing technology as a key factor. The movements of the users would be recorded by the product. After participating in a charity activity listed in the APP, people can change their records of exercise into clean water online instead of donating money and material things. Consequently people who face the drinking water problem would obtain actual clean water paid by sponsors of the charity activity.

This product could benefit not only the people who need help, but also the activities’ sponsors and people who provide their exercise records. For the people who are short of water, the benefits are clear—they could get free clean water; for the sponsors, generally speaking, enterprises, they could build a good brand image; for the users of the application, they get the sense of achievement by helping others and develop a habit of exercise and keep a good physical condition.


We tried to keep the whole product flow as simple as possible. Meanwhile, in order to make the APP more interesting, we changed the part of sending wishes into “flying a paper plane”, which also corresponds to the core concept of the product that “philanthropy is something light-hearted”.


Design Style

Instead of being limited by Flat Design or Realistic Design, in order to emphasize the unique character of the product, I decided to combine the two styles—using Flat Design to set a light tone while depicting a realistic water drop as the highlight of the whole APP.

Color Composition

Since this is a philanthropy APP which asks people to donate for children, we selected blue as the main color, matching with several other bright adductive colors.


  • In order to provide users with immersive experience, we hided the navigation at the page head and left a button which is decorated as a water drop to attract enough attention.
  • Meanwhile the water drop which appears on most pages implies the theme of the product—water.
  • We adopted concise illustrations so that the navigation not only accords with the “paper plane” idea, but also makes the whole APP vivid and interesting.

Main pages

After the design style and the basic elements were finalized, we soon completed all the main pages.


This video shows the major functions and their flow, including how to send wishes by consuming exercise record, the personal center, the invitation, etc.