mobile news content iOS APP
Major design revision
Sep 2013 - Nov 2013
Tencent Technology Co. LTD. Beijing
mobile news content iOS APP
8 weeks
My Role:
Visual Team Leader and Manager;
Chief Designer
Team size:
4 designers (Interaction & visual designers)


Before our taking over the project, the iCare APP had been running over 1 year without active improvements. Meanwhile it was the time about the launch of iOS7. Thus there were three major goals for us—redirecting the product strategy, overhaul the interaction design, and redesign the appearance of the APP in order to meet the guidance of iOS7.

User Research


  • To understand recent general users’ perspectives and opinions for iCare
  • To find the opportunity and to define the key points for iCare in the next step


  • Questionnaires to a million QQ users (among them 5424 were answered, and 4769 were used for analysis after screening)
  • Interview of users of competitive products
  • Analysis of the “Boss system data” of iCare

Users of News Portal

  • abundant information
  • convinient to search
  • concise design

Users of Comprehensive news

  • immersive reading experience
  • latest news
  • sophisticated design

Users of E-magzine

  • innovative interaction
  • fine interface design
  • high-quality pictures

Current Problems

  • The goal that “a socialized high-quality magazine” has not been reached
  • The notion that “between RSS and news client” is ambiguous and misleading
  • Not actually socialized and personalized
User Experience
  • Excessive immersive reading experience combined with concealing navigation lead to being lost
  • The visual design is not elaborated enough
  • Functionality is ignored in order to keep efficient
  • Updating is not frequent and immediate enough to meet users’ needs
  • The source of information is limited and not efficiently organized, quality of content is not guaranteed.
  • The product does not have a clear taste or style.

New Strategy


  • Personalized content recommendation based on interesting orientation
  • content recommendation based on social relationship and friend circle

Being attractive

  • Relevant reading material based on the horizontal and vertical logical relations between topics
  • Active correction during the reading procedure

Within touch

  • No more complicated classifications and catalogues, adopting a brand new flat structure only including the topic and content
  • Active correction during the reading procedure

Flow Chart


With a clear goal to redesign the whole APP in order to conform to the iOS standard, the stage of visual design drafts according to the new interaction design did not take too long.

Final Version

After two rounds of meetings and discussions about the drafts, the final design was decided. During the following days, the main pages (both Day mode and Night mode) were designed and endorsed by the main designers and senior project managers.


This video shows the major functions and flow of iCare, which basically includes timeline of recommended content—the latest news, followers’ micro-blog, topics in which friends are interested, etc; personal center; list of topics, settings, and so forth.