Festival Doodle

Festival doodle design for SoSo search engine
Feb 2009 - Feb 2013
Tencent Technology Co. LTD. Beijing
Festival Doodle
illustration and logo design
4 years
My Role:
Virtual Team Leader and Manager;
Chief Designer
Team size:
6 designers


Festival Doodles are fun, surprising, and sometimes show spontaneous changes that are made to the Search Engine logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of celebrities. After the concept of the doodle was born with Google founders in 1998, the demand for doodles has risen in all the countries. Creating doodles is now implemented by many search engines, and SoSo is one of them.

Design Procedure

From 2009 (when I just entered Tencent) to 2013 (when I left SoSo division) I had been working as the manager and chief designer in SoSo festival doodle program. Although at first I was the only designer responsible for the program, to improve the quality and quantity of festival doodle, I set up a virtual team including 6 designers. With a timetable I scheduled at the beginning of every year, I held brainstorm meetings two weeks before every festival and asked every team member to draft their plans and discussed these drafts during the meetings. After the plan was decided by voting, one of the team members would accomplish the doodle based on the best draft.

SoSo Logo

The basic SoSo logo consists of three parts—English product name, Chinese product name, and slogan. To make doodles more creative, the core concept of SOSO festival doodle design is to reflect the shape of the four English letters--“SOSO” with items which are relevant to a special theme. Since the shape of Chinese characters is too difficult to fit in an illustration, festival doodles do not include the Chinese name and the slogan.


As the SOSO festival doodles were showed both on traditional web page and mobile web, I regulated the size of doodle on the two places to ensure the works of different designers would all be usable.

Flexible Styles

In this part, I choose some typical doodles to show the various styles we adopted in the past.

Traditional Chinese Style

Spring Festival
Qing Ming Festival
Double Ninth Festival
Zu Chongzhi’s Birthday
Mid-autumn Festival
Dargon Boat Festival

Realistic Style

Anniversary Of The First Gramophone
Faraday’s Birthday
Anniversary Of The Moon Landing

Modern illustration Style

Women's Day
Mother’s Day
Teacher’s Day
Anniversary Of The First Incandescent Light Bulb
Anniversary Of The First Sound Film

Hand-drawn Style

Lantern Festival
Mid-autumn Festival
New Year’s Day
National Day
Chinese Valentine’s Day
Teacher’s Day
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Women’s Day
Valentines’ Day
Children’s Day
Arbor Day

Old School Style

May Day (Labor Day)
The First Day Of School
May Day (Labor Day)